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  Book 'Em!

The first This is True book, This is True: Deputy Kills Man With Hammer -- And 500 Other Bizarre-but-True Stories and Headlines from the World's Press, is finally off the press -- the third leg in making the publication profitable enough to continue (and enable me to quit my Day Job).

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  The Story of Billy

The holiday book sale was over, so I came up with a slightly different way to keep book sales going, with a short story....

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  Letters that Make me Smile

Now and then I get a letter from a reader that really makes me smile. Last week it was from Michele in California:

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  Literary Allusions

This week's story slugs (titles) are all book titles, in case you didn't already notice and figure it out. They are:

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  Be Unreasonable

Today I got a copy of the new book Be Unreasonable: the Unconventional Way to Extraordinary Business Results by small business coach Paul Lemberg. In the book, Lemberg uses me and True as an example of starting a business in an "unreasonable" way (in his chapter on "Unreasonable Thinking").

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  Plane Crashes, Intelligence, Dad, and Jack Williamson

You may have heard about the plane "crash" in Denver Saturday. A Continental jet taking off for Houston veered off the runway, went cross country for a bit, popped up over an airport service road, then collapsed on its belly and burst into flame. No one was killed. One of those aboard was a cadet from the U.S. Air Force Academy in nearby Colorado Springs. He had planned to nap on the flight, but "We started bouncing, and I thought, 'That usually doesn't happen,'" he told the Denver Post. But it's the next part that really caught my eye: "When the engine caught fire," he said, "I knew something was wrong."

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  Update on TRUE's Book Compilations

I'm getting more and more mail asking about this, and I've been dropping hints here and there that something's up. So it's time to give you the skinny on where things are with True's book collections. Exciting things are happening!

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  Click Millionaires

YAIBB — Yet Another Internet Business Book — arrived here on Friday, sent to me because it's YAIBB that mentions me, This is True, and the GOOHF cards.

Looking at its Amazon reviews elicited a chuckle.

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