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  How I Invented For-Profit E-mail Publishing

I invented for-profit e-mail publishing on Wednesday, June 22, 1994. I'm not aware of any others who claim to have invented it before that time (but see the update below). This is a brief description of what I came up with, and how.

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  Genesis: "This Just In"

Once I had the business plan set, I spent the weekend researching stories, designing how a "plain text" e-mail newsletter should look, and wrote the first issue. I call it "This Just In", but the first issue doesn't go out by e-mail yet since I don't have the listserver set up yet.

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  John Bobbit: Immortalized Through Verbification

I use the term "Bobbitized" in this week's edition.

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  Long Distance Calling

This Just In carries its first paid ad -- for long distance phone service.

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  First Newspaper Client

The second income stream called out in my business plan gels with my first newspaper client carrying TJI as a newspaper column.

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  International Relief

The first charitable organization plug in TJI was for earthquake relief, after a 7.2 shock hit Kobe, Japan, on January 17, 1995:

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  True Joins the Web

Nearly a year old, This is True didn't even have a web site until this week.

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  Bonzer Debut

I've added a new weekly feature to True: the "Bonzer Web Site of the Week" has been added just above the Honorary Unsubscribe. I accept site suggestions for this feature only from Premium subscribers (yes, I'll be checking).

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  Moonlite Bunny Ranch

Last week I spoke at yet another Mensa "gathering" (convention), this one a regional affair hosted by the Northern Nevada chapter. I happen to know several Mensans in Nevada: some are readers, several are relatives of good friends here in Colorado. They really begged and pleaded for me to come and talk at the first Regional Gathering they were doing, and I finally relented.

I have to admit that something on the sign-up form intrigued me: the group was planning to sponsor a brothel tour. Nevada is well known for its casino gambling, and it's perhaps less known that several of its more rural counties also license houses of prostitution -- the only state in the U.S. where brothels are legal. And yes, the cathouses have billboards pointing the way to the front door.

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