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Very often readers ask me for advice about starting an online business -- when I started in 1994, there wasn't anyone to ask, and I've learned a lot in the nearly 15 years since. Obviously one can learn some things by watching what I do, but there are others who are in the business of teaching such things, and that's faster (and more generic). The problem is, a lot of those in the business are fly-by-night know-nothings who will gladly take a lot of money from you, and may or may not deliver actual value for your investment.

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  The Return of Paul Myers

OK, my old buddy Paul hasn't gone anywhere, but I've talked about him before on this blog, and it's time I talked about him again. He's the type of friend that if I make a quick phone call to him (as I did today, to catch up), we end up gabbing for over an hour. Sometimes three. Paul made his reputation as an advertising copywriter for some of the biggest names in marketing — and then he chucked it all to help people creating businesses with really low-cost products that give a lot of bang for the buck.

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  Memorial Day: "Thank You For Your Service"

I don't very often have guest posts on my blog, but this short essay from an old friend is worth the space here, and the small amount of your time it will take to read it.

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  Knowing Is Half the Battle

True contributor Mike Straw, who as you might remember is a fairly recently retired career U.S. Air Force officer, had more to say about one of the stories he wrote this week. We’ll start first with the story, from the 7 August 2016 issue:

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