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  Fornigate, Lindbergh and Hawaii

Ten years ago this week I wrote two full columns: the regular one, and one on the breaking scandal with President Bill "I Did Not Have Sex With That Woman" Clinton. I (and many others) dubbed it Fornigate, and it led to his impeachment.

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  Hawaii Manta Dive

Last week, I promised to tell you a bit more about my trip to Hawaii, and one of the adventures I went on. Several friends that were with us are scuba divers, and Steve (who I worked with at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and now runs Best Web Buys), told us about a dive trip that he enjoys there: swimming with manta rays. (But Steve ended up with the flu and had to cancel at the last minute. Sorry, Steve!) The rest of us went anyway, with more than one humming the theme to "Gilligan's Island" as we set out on our three hour tour (a three hour touuuur. OK, it was really 4-5 hours, but still!)

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