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  John Bobbit: Immortalized Through Verbification

I use the term "Bobbitized" in this week's edition.

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  Rude Proof? Bwah Hah Hahhhh!

Back in the 18 June 2000 issue, there was an item about Beaver College and why the school wanted to change its name.

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  Herb Caen: Master of the Three Dots

This story is what got me started on remembering Herb Caen — it's from True's 17 May 2009 issue:

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  Noblesse Oblige

Or, Was I Offensive to Little Girls?

There was a phrase in the previous blog entry on the 6-year-old kid, where I imagined the school staff: "Run in circles! Pull out your hair! Scream like a little girl!" Today Nancy in Illinois complained that was "sexist language".

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  There's No Such Thing as Writer's Block

A friend of mine asked me for some advice last week. He's preparing to leave the military, and thought writing might be his next career. Did I have any pearls of wisdom? I gave him two main pieces of advice. The second one: he must understand that there's no such thing as "writer's block."

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  The Euphemism Treadmill

I ran a story in this week's issue in part to provoke -- and even though I didn't post it here, there was a lot of thoughtful comment. So OK, I'll post it here to help facilitate the discourse. First, the story, from the 19 June 2011 issue:

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  A Pride of Obliviots

MSgt USAF (retired) Joseph in Ohio inquires, “As a multi-decade reader I find readers’ comments almost as entertaining as the stories. This brings me to my question. Being an English major I would like to know what the collective is for ‘obliviot’?”

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  Man Bites Weiner (or Vice Versa)

Very Often, Readers Submit Stories that are most definitely, without a doubt, weird. But sometimes I still can’t use them because despite being weird (one definition: unusual), they’re ...well... not unusual.

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