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  First Newspaper Client

The second income stream called out in my business plan gels with my first newspaper client carrying TJI as a newspaper column.

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  The Story of Billy

The holiday book sale was over, so I came up with a slightly different way to keep book sales going, with a short story....

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Very often readers ask me for advice about starting an online business -- when I started in 1994, there wasn't anyone to ask, and I've learned a lot in the nearly 15 years since. Obviously one can learn some things by watching what I do, but there are others who are in the business of teaching such things, and that's faster (and more generic). The problem is, a lot of those in the business are fly-by-night know-nothings who will gladly take a lot of money from you, and may or may not deliver actual value for your investment.

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  The Pomplamoose Problem

An Interesting Article on the site Artist Empathy (yeah, I hadn’t heard of it before either) discusses “The Pomplamoose Problem”...

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