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  International Relief

The first charitable organization plug in TJI was for earthquake relief, after a 7.2 shock hit Kobe, Japan, on January 17, 1995:

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  What's on TV?

I get interesting gifts sometimes: an apparent reader (I say "apparent" because the address on the cover letter isn't on my distribution list) sent me a 1999 calendar: yes, it's the "Hollywood TVs" calendar! And no, it doesn't feature television stars: the TV stands for transvestite -- the person who sent it to me is Miss March.

I announced that the reader who sent me the funniest comment about the gift gets the calendar. The previous most-interesting gift was a Black & Decker "Snakelight" flashlight, which came in the mail last year with a press release (and batteries!)

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  Online Video: Simply Cool

Ever since I saw Tron in 1982, I wondered how long it would be before computer power would allow anyone with talent to become a "real" filmmaker.

By that I mean they wouldn't even need financing because they had everything they needed in the computer on their desktop (plus a nice camcorder; the new digital models work nicely). The day is here.

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  My Highest Recommendation

Now and then I mention interesting books I'm reading, or TV shows I'm watching. I've found two related TV specials that are so good, I ended up saving them and showing them to my wife, who is also finding them fascinating.

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  Planning for the Rest of Your Life

A friend who is a career military man is retiring soon. He's still pretty young, so he asked for some advice on what to do next; he sees that I'm pretty successful, and he wants to be successful too, in the next phase of his life.

His question was: how does he figure out what's really right for him, for what he wants to do next? My reply was fairly detailed. After sending it to my friend, I also sent it to the smaller of my two Mastermind groups, asking for their feedback. Some of their responses: "Wow!", "INNOVATIVE", "Thought provoking indeed!", "LOVED the article, literally devoured the whole thing! (Okay, not quite literally, but you know what I mean.)", "What a great job Randy has done at capturing and articulating all of this", and "This is HUGE gift." I thought I'd share that gift with you, too.

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  The Return of Paul Myers

OK, my old buddy Paul hasn't gone anywhere, but I've talked about him before on this blog, and it's time I talked about him again. He's the type of friend that if I make a quick phone call to him (as I did today, to catch up), we end up gabbing for over an hour. Sometimes three. Paul made his reputation as an advertising copywriter for some of the biggest names in marketing — and then he chucked it all to help people creating businesses with really low-cost products that give a lot of bang for the buck.

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There was a magazine I read back in the 80s that I enjoyed: The Journal of Irreproducible Results, or JIR. A lot of the nerdy folks at NASA liked it (and there are a lot of nerdy folks at NASA!): it is, according to its tagline, "The Science Humor Magazine".

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  The Basic Laws of Human Stupidity

In recent reading, I’ve stumbled on a paper by Carlo M. Cipolla. An Italian, Cipolla taught economic history at the University of California at Berkeley, and proposed “The [Five] Basic Laws of Human Stupidity”:

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