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  Lessons from a Strange Death

Odd deaths are a staple story type in True, sometimes as a cautionary tale about what not to do, and sometimes as a way to point out how horribly we can treat others. There has been an update in a 2007 "weird death" story.

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  Dell Hell and Dumb People

I know This is True is about people doing dumb things, but it still amazes me when people do dumb things to me. (But no, this is not about a dumb reader.)

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  The Life You Save May Be...

A special "extra" story this week. I've pulled it out separately because it doesn't "really" fit in with True's theme. While it is a bit weird, it's certainly not about someone doing something stupid.

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  Poor Taste? Not Offhand.

I did get some complaints last week about the story of the guy who lost his arm when it became stuck in his furnace boiler. I have my own response to the complaints of "poor taste" and "NOT FUNNY!" I also have a reply from the reader I was thinking about when I wrote the story -- a Premium subscriber who is missing an arm.

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  "Stupid" is Written All Over His Face

I just have to tell you the story of David Winkelman. The event that first brought him to my attention occurred in the year 2000, but it was when he sued over what he did that got him featured in This is True — in the 23 June 2002 issue. Here's the story:

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  Animals Love Him, Too (Nom Nom Nom)

Last week, quite a few readers wanted to report an "error." Here's the story, from the 10 October (10/10/10!) issue:

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  Ethics Train Wreck

Last week, my BS-o-Meter failed, and a fake story made it into This is True. It has happened a few times over the past 18 years of weekly columns, but luckily only a few times. Let's start with the story, from True's 5 August 2012 issue:

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  How High is Too High?

Often, a photograph really completes a This is True story. This time, it's another little snippet of media. Let's start with the story, from True's 11 October 2015 issue:

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  Die Like a Dog

I know a story this week will raise eyebrows, so I’m posting it here so there’s a place to explore it a bit in the comments. Let’s start with the story, from the 9 October 2016 issue:

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