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  This Can't Go In the Newsletter
  Tom Negrino
  Fashion Accessory
  Women's March (to the Back of the Bus)
  The Return of Randy's Random
  First Patreon Goal Reached!
  A Little Bit Behind
  Alternative to Patreon, Please?
  Die Like a Dog
  This is True on Patreon
  That Tagline is Insensitive
  The Basic Laws of Human Stupidity
  Knowing Is Half the Battle
  What's Up with Jumbo Joke?
  Orlando: What YOU Can Do
  Medical Mystery
  Jay Jay is Cray Cray
  Why I've Removed Google's Ads
  "What Happened"?
  Hillary vs. Trump: The Votes are In!
  Gasping for Breath ...Still
  "Ridiculous Reactions"
  I See the Optimism
  A Short Personal Note
  Alert the Media.
  Man Bites Weiner (or Vice Versa)
  How High is Too High?
  Land of the Scared
  Two Good Friends
  Speaking for Others
  Dangerous in the Wrong Hands
  The Biggest Mistake People Make Online
  Forging My Own Path
  Everyday Heroism
  Can't Cure Obliviocy
  Cut Out the Middleman
  Memorial Day: "Thank You For Your Service"
  Another Politician, Another Hypocrite
  A Pride of Obliviots
  Burbank, California: My Home Town
  "Only in Premium"
  Webby Come Lately
  Premium Readers Suggest Improvements
  Facebook: What Are They Selling?
  Xero Reader Thought
  Overlooked Heroes
  Because They're Not Capable of Defending Themselves
  Know Thy Enemy
  Mark Miller: We've Got It From Here
  Freedom of Religion, Alabama Style
  The Taylor Swift Cop Video: Call Me a Contrarian
  Writers Write
  I Am Charlie
  Changing to 2015
  The Pomplamoose Problem
  Stick It to Evil
  Loyalty Oath
  Ask Me Anything
  NASA Outreach on Social Media
  Florida: Really? Grief?
  Never a Dull Moment
  Shooters Grill
  20 Years ...and Counting
  Sometimes You Lose One
  Shopped Sleeves
  The Mockingbird War
  A Friend in Need
  Rescue Me
  Facebook: Starting to Circle the Drain?
  Why People Die in Gun Free Zones
  Keep the Premium Tagline Challenge?
  OK Buddy, Where's the Fire?
  End of One Era, Start of Another
  A Hex on ABC News
  Ground Control to Major Tom
  Merry Secularmas, Then?
  "At Some Point Doesn't Common Sense Prevail?"
  This Isn't About Norman Rockwell
  Revenue-Virginius Mine Disaster
  The First Paramedics
  Clowns to the Left of Me; Jokers to the Right
  Band of Brothers
  Banned Book Week
  Randolph Mantooth: Still Active in EMS
  Bashing the "Lamestream Media"
  A True Milestone: 1000 Weekly Issues
  Premium Subscribers Demand: Raise the Price!
  One Heck of an Evening
  The Very, VERY Beginning
  The Return of Paul Myers
  Unusual Unsubscribes
  Even Non-Weird Stories Can Be Weird
  Why I Embrace "Gay Marriage"
  Walmart Hostage Situation
  "They're Landing On My Car!"
  Winter Wildlife
  Provoking Thought: Child Support Division
  Keep Your Head Up
  Asking the Right Questions
  Thinking about Newtown
  Keep the X in Xmas
  Fair, or Unfair?
  Hints on Advertising in This is True
  "Never-Ending Pledge-Week"
  There Are Still Adventures
  What Nightmares Are Made Of
  "Help Me Promote You"
  Someone Has to Live Here
  Hours of Boredom Punctuated by Moments of Sheer Terror
  Ethics Train Wreck
  Curiosity: the Mars Science Laboratory
  The Risks of Emergency Responses
  Dinner with Neil Armstrong
  Sorry You Weren't Offended
  Working In An Unusual Environment
  Click Millionaires
  A Cautionary Tale
  Another Week, Another Pack of Clueless School Officials
  "I Was Not In an Accident"
  Survey Results on Book Compilations
  Update on TRUE's Book Compilations
  Planning for the Rest of Your Life
  Two Tiny Scandals
  Don't Have a Cow, Man
  My Highest Recommendation
  The Worship of Joe Paterno
  Hiding Places
  Sydney Spies' Yearbook Photo
  Zero Tolerance: Alive and Well
  Christmas Blues
  Dah-Dit Dah-Dit, Dah-Dah Di-Dah
  Rural Electrification, Meet the Rural Internet
  True's Focus
  Reader Survey: Should True E-mails Be HTML?
  Are You Liberal, or Conservative?
  The Few, The Proud, the Falsified News Story
  Honorary Unsubscribe: Yueyue
  Seeing Red
  The Burned and the Bees
  Sacrifice, and Apologies
  Meet Alexander Cohen
  Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?
  Take-Down Show-Down
  Eww Factor
  No Parking -- Lithuanian Style
  Infinite Monkey Theorem
  The Old Ball and Chain
  Forever Doomed to Repeat History
  The Euphemism Treadmill
  Florida: Officially the Weirdest
  Remembrance and Reconciliation
  Bonfire of the Gravities
  There's No Such Thing as Writer's Block
  Ooh! Do It Again!
  The End of the World: 2011 Edition
  His Motto
  Bye Bye Bin Laden
  Let's See If You Can Picture This
  Watching Out For My Peeps
  A Bare-Knuckles Experiment
  Father of the Year, Or...?
  Sendai Earthquake and Tsunami
  Younger Readers
  Psychic Pay
  One Change Enables Another
  The Drunk Zone
  I Want to Complain, But...
  Everyone Talks About the Weather
  Illuminated (Security Camera Video)
  Fighting the Good Guys
  The Opposite of Zero Tolerance
  Meet Mike Straw
  The Origin of "This is True"
  A Picture's Worth a Thousand Laughs
  Pick Me! Pick Me! Pick Me!
  Cathy in Florida
  This is True List Break-in
  Animals Love Him, Too (Nom Nom Nom)
  "Stupid" is Written All Over His Face
  Not the End of True!
  Family Feud
  Is This Zero Tolerance?
  Independence Day
  Poor Taste? Not Offhand.
  Later Lyris: Arrived at AWeber
  GOOHFy Anniversary
  Facebook Protest
  Robbing Peter to Pay Paul
  Smooth Move, Megan
  The Life You Save May Be...
  1984 in 2010
  Patrick Timoney's "Gun"
  On Stage with Penn & Teller
  Mystery Power Outage
  Ed Freeman and Political Manipulation
  A Picture Worth 1,000 Anytime Minutes
  Avatar Movie Review
  A Clever Disguise...?
  Dell Hell and Dumb People
  Paul Clarke and British Zero Tolerance
  Lessons from a Strange Death
  Noblesse Oblige
  Zero Tolerance and the 800-lb Gorilla
  Swine Flu
  The Dvorak Keyboard
  A Glorious Dawn
  Another ZT Success Story
  Bambi Get Your Gun
  "False, Crude and Offensive!"
  How I Beat Spam
  Tough Weekend
  Bear Country Update
  The Future of Newspapers
  Bear Country
  In the Line of Duty
  Dude! I Got Trashed Last Night!
  Civic Pride
  Taking a Day Off
  Honest to Goodness Good Stuff
  Zero Tolerance Thwarted by Common Sense
  Don't Talk to the Cops
  Herb Caen: Master of the Three Dots
  The War on Kids
  Crash Boom Bang
  Spring Snow
  Another April, Another Mass Shooting
  Changes to the Honorary Unsubscribe
  Out My Window: a Golden Eagle
  Guns in America: Why?
  Honorary Unsubscribe Choices
  Lifetime Subscriptions?
  Laugh, or the World Laughs At You
  Twitter: Why You Should Care
  Justifiable(?) Homicide
  Mug Shot = 1,000 Words
  New 'Deluxe' GOOHF Card
  Plane Crashes, Intelligence, Dad, and Jack Williamson
  Expanding True's Sources
  Zero Tolerance Trick, No Treat
  Visiting the White House
  Library of Congress
  What's Your I.Q.?
  Udderly Ridiculous Photo
  Another Independent Content Site: RIP?
  Moonlite Bunny Ranch
  Nice Work If You Can Get It
  Customer Service: What a Concept
  The Right to Be Offended
  Missing In Action
  Yahoo Debacle Update
  Yahoo Alert: True's Biggest Crisis Ever
  Funny YouTube Irony
  A Family of Readers
  Janet Jackson 'Wardrobe Malfunction' Update
  ZT v. Savana Redding: a Court Decision
  Denver Mensa A.G.
  One Strange Fetish
  What Can I Do About ZT?
  This is True Videos: Take 2
  They Have a Confession to Make
  Seven Minutes of Terror
  School Bus Plunge (On Purpose)
  Winning is Everything
  Men and Balloons
  Two Teen Tales
  Beauty and the Beast
  Why $0.00 Is the Future of Business
  A Lingering Image
  G. Gordon Stella
  Verizon: We Know Better than You
  Barbecued Biker
  Lolita Midsleeper Combi
  Hawaii Manta Dive
  Fornigate, Lindbergh and Hawaii
  Another Empty Suit
  Higher Education
  Hook a Man Up!
  Kumari Fulbright Mugshot
  Mystery Solved
  The Big Picture
  Shift Happens
  A Wise Man
  Class .08
  China: My Conclusion
  The Three Gorges Dam
  Cruising the Yangtze
  Pandas in Chengdu
  Health in China: Another Angle
  Politics and Tibet
  Health Care, Chinese Style
  How to Spell Macao
  Hello Hong Kong
  China: And Away We Go!
  New Project: Groxx
  Airline Insecurity
  Duct Tape Robber
  The Tyke's Fault?
  Blonde Racism?
  New Page Design
  Echo! (Echo!)
  99-Cent Divorce?
  Lawyers: Burning in Hell?
  Big Changes at TRUE Central
  Changing the World Just a Touch
  Got Wheels?
  Be Unreasonable
  Why is a Touch of Equal Time a Problem?
  Coming Attractions
  Jerry Falwell, American Taliban
  Public Humiliation vs. Real Punishment
  Internet Security: Have you Checked Your System Lately?
  Keeping the Balance Balanced
  Virginia Tech, Columbine and ZT
  Literary Allusions
  True Milestone: Issue #666
  Pluto Planet Day
  Honorary Unsubscribes and World Peace
  Zero Tolerance: Fighting Fire With Fire
  The Public Be Damned
  The NFL's Copyright: Round Two
  Super Bowl vs. Churches -- NFL Loses
  TV Land
  Ouray Ice Festival Photos
  Zero Tolerance: The Backlash Has Begun
  Another Day, Another Cry-Baby
  Christmas, Premium Issues, and Independent Content
  War on Drugs
  Peace Sign
  Republican Bash?
  Why You Need to Vote
  Ability Meets Need
  EMS Stories: a New Series
  Identity Theft: Protect Yourself
  9/11: Reader Reaction
  Looking Back at 9/11
  Political Correctness II
  Define "Political Correctness"
  Sadly, This Isn't a Lawyer Joke
  GOOHF: A Major Milestone
  Pretend PETA Apologist
  Upset? No: Thrilled!
  Are You Responsible for Spam?
  Zero Tolerance -- the Next Step
  Story Subject Demands Deletion
  Is There Too Much ZT in True?
  The Spectre of 6/6/6
  The ZT'd Reader: Other Readers Respond
  Help! I've Been ZT'd!
  Then, Just Like That, My Faith is Restored
  HU's: I'd Like to Nominate...
  What Actually Works Against ZT
  Professional Thieves
  Happy Politically Correct Holiday
  Psychic Pay Increase
  William in Zimbabwe: Letters
  Another Self-Proclaimed Religious Scholar
  Got GOOHFy
  Operation Iraq Hell
  How to Deal With Spammers
  Fred on Everything
  Bats, Iron Bars, and Bricks
  One Solution to Zero Tolerance
  The Exploitation of Saaya Irie
  Did You "Get" It?
  The Dumb Leading the Blind
  Goodnight, Johnny
  Dick Ebersol's Plane Crash
  Reader Reaction to Airport ZT
  Live Free or Whine: Letters
  Live Free or Whine
  Separated by a Common Language
  Equal Time Letters
  Another Spinoff Site
  True's Ten Year Anniversary
  Proof I'm a Stinking Liberal?
  A Failure to Grasp Reality
  What's in a Number?
  I Demand You Agree With This
  Yet Another New Project: Jumbo Joke
  When Taking Becomes Stealing
  The Cradle of Common Law
  No Really: I Want the Leather
  Paper-Based Spam
  No, The Readers Haven't Learned II
  No, The Readers Haven't Learned
  Have Readers Learned?
  Wardrobe Malfunction? Hah!
  New Project: True-a-Day
  Small Town Life
  Christmas Presents from the Christmas Past
  I Believe in Santa
  Hit Squad on Spammers?
  Penny Wise, Pound Foolish
  Letters that Make me Smile
  It's a GOOHFy World
  Bonzer Debut
  Come On Down for a Visit
  Liberal Bias AGAIN?!
  Driving Home: Reader Reactions
  Driving Home a Point
  Where, Oh Where, Is That?
  It's a Small, Smallll, World!
  The iLoo is Flushed
  Shifting the Spam Problem -- to You
  Groan: Not Again!
  Self-Promotion and Other Funding Sources
  A Bat Out of Hell
  It's an Ad, Stupid (continued)
  Space Shuttle Columbia Disaster
  Babies 'R' Us? Yes They Are
  A 'True' Honorary Unsubscribe
  The Other Kind of Military Brat
  Evangelical = Hatemonger?
  Date Rape is Funny?
  A Truly Heartwarming Story
  Hold Your Breath
  The Voices in My Head
  Dirty Politics: The Mail
  Politics is a Dirty Business
  A Brush with the Grammys
  Spawn of Satan
  Where There's Smoke, There's Fire
  Let's Go to Pluto
  OK, Pal, Where's the Fire?
  HUs: Unclear on the Concept
  Art Imitating Life
  ZT: Legislative Action
  ZT: Too Much Coverage?
  ZT: Reactions from Readers
  To URL, or Not to URL: That Was the Question
  After 9/11: Flying the Friendly Skies
  9/11: More (but Happy) Aftermath
  9/11: The Aftermath
  Trying to Work in the Days After 9/11
  Speaking of People Doing Dumb Things
  Rude Proof? Bwah Hah Hahhhh!
  Response to ZT: Let's Mailbomb the Schools!
  Not Just Dumb, But Hella Dumb
  Get to Know a Cop Today
  Rocket Science?
  Here We Go Again (More Grasp of the Obvious)
  Grasp Of The Obvious
  We Made It!
  The Sabre Rattles
  Hit the Road, Jack
  Scenes from Last Week, or: Religious Freedom II
  Religious Freedom: Only for Christians?
  Hoops of Murphy
  Online Video: Simply Cool
  Influence of the Stars
  Idiots, or Not Idiots -- That is the Question
  Saving Readers from Hell, One Card at a Time
  You Have So Much To Live For
  Is Nothing Sacred?
  Museum of Geopolitical Insanity
  A Real Honorary Unsubscribe
  Reduce, Reuse -- Then Recycle
  Why Don't More People Hate Me?
  Rants and Raves
  One Small Step for [a] Man
  I Wanted to Hear Some Complaints
  Good Clean Fun
  HeroicStories is Born
  April Fools and the Internet Police
  Textbook Case
  Fun Mail, Funny Male
  Howdy from the Deep South
  Stealing is Still Stealing, Even if It's Easy
  What's on TV?
  I'm Being Watched
  Who to Choose?
  Fork U!
  Virtual Friends
  Road Trip Redux
  Road Trip
  Boulder Economics Institute
  A Vote for Independent Content
  Your Source for Medical Info...?
  A Moment for a Serious Issue
  Wired -- Behind the Curve
  Honorary Unsubscribe
  No Contest
  Back to Weekly
  Lyris: Oh What a Relief It Is!
  The Red Planet
  I Finally Nail a Copyright Infringer
  The Circle-R Brigade
  Another Myth Dispelled
  H.U. -- A Prequel
  A Premium Idea
  Happy Birthday, Hal!
  Don't Say I Didn't Tell You So
  A Reader Writes the Ad
  No Looking Back
  Be Submissive
  Excuse Me Sir, Your Mailbox is Smoking
  An Ad for an Ad, a Truth for the Truth
  The First Hundred
  I Like TV
  Bi-Coastal Publicity
  The Story of Billy
  Letter to the Editor
  Another Year, Another Dollar
  "How Did He Get So Popular So Fast?"
  Book 'Em!
  Secret Identity
  A New Trend in Schools
  True Joins the Web
  Trademarked Out of a Title
  International Relief
  First Newspaper Client
  TJI's The Best!
  Hail to the Press
  Long Distance Calling
  Maybe It's A Tumor
  Amazing Factoid
  John Bobbit: Immortalized Through Verbification
  Genesis: "This Just In"
  How I Invented For-Profit E-mail Publishing
  Introducing My Blog
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