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  This Can't Go In the Newsletter

I Wanted to Cover a Story, but I knew there was no way I could put it in the newsletter: it would cause the issue to be trapped by about 90 percent of readers’ spam filters.

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  Tom Negrino

A year ago, a long-time friend's husband (a writer very popular in Macintosh circles) revealed he was dying of cancer.

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  Fashion Accessory

The story just isn’t enough: you want to see the photo Ashley Glawe (“glah-WE”) posted on Facebook from the emergency room. But first the story, from True’s 5 February 2017 issue:

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  Women's March (to the Back of the Bus)

I Expect to Be Called Names for my tag on the last story this week. Let’s start with the story, in the 29 January 2017 issue:

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  The Return of Randy's Random

Long-time readers may remember that years ago, I had a separate mailing list called “Randy’s Random” — mostly jokes and funny stories. But how to deal with graphics? I didn’t want to email graphics, so Randy’s Random then morphed into Jumbo Joke, which (as you probably know) ran for years. I sold it a year ago because I was tired of maintaining it.

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  First Patreon Goal Reached!

True’s Patreon campaign to help keep this publication going has broken its first goal: scores of readers have joined together to get great rewards, and, as of last Thursday, together are now providing more than $1,000/month funding to help pay the bills.

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  A Little Bit Behind

I Loved This Note this week from David in California:

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  Alternative to Patreon, Please?

Premium Subscriber Erik in Nevada wanted to really help True, but he didn’t want to do it via our new effort on Patreon, the “crowd-funding” platform for creative endeavors.

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  Die Like a Dog

I know a story this week will raise eyebrows, so I’m posting it here so there’s a place to explore it a bit in the comments. Let’s start with the story, from the 9 October 2016 issue:

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  This is True on Patreon

Last Week, I Noted I Had a High-Risk (but “audacious”) goal for True — and came up with a way to take most of the risk away.

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