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  Memorial Day: "Thank You For Your Service"

I don't very often have guest posts on my blog, but this short essay from an old friend is worth the space here, and the small amount of your time it will take to read it.

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  Another Politician, Another Hypocrite

Another politician, another hypocrite — this time, the Speaker of the House of Representatives in Missouri. Let’s start with the story, from the 17 May 2015 issue:

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  A Pride of Obliviots

MSgt USAF (retired) Joseph in Ohio inquires, “As a multi-decade reader I find readers’ comments almost as entertaining as the stories. This brings me to my question. Being an English major I would like to know what the collective is for ‘obliviot’?”

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  Burbank, California: My Home Town

How Cool is my home town (Burbank, Calif.)? Sure, “Beautiful Downtown Burbank” is where Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In was taped, but it was also (from 1928) the headquarters city of Lockheed Aircraft Co., and that was apparently reflected in the city seal.

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  "Only in Premium"

The Minor Format Change introduced last week brought a lot of positive comments. Just one example: “Love, love, love the new way you tease the 'missing' Premium stories.” —Mark in New Jersey. That’s awfully nice. But, of course, there were protest unsubscribes last week because I stopped gathering all the “stories you missed” summaries into a large paragraph, and instead left their story slugs up among the full stories, and included a brief summary of the story there. A few examples:

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  Webby Come Lately

In June, This is True finishes 21 years online — a pioneer in online publishing that predates Facebook, Google, Amazon, and the vast majority of other web sites you can find online today.

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  Premium Readers Suggest Improvements

I surveyed Premium edition readers to see what they might come up with to improve This is True -- what would make it more of a "must-read" for them? This page reports on the results of the 3-question survey ...and they had a lot to say -- it's long! There were a lot of comments, and a fair number of suggestions.

In all, there were nearly 1,100 survey responses, which represents a very large percentage of the Premium audience -- certainly very "statistically valid."

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  Facebook: What Are They Selling?

To answer the very important question of the title, you need a little background, which is illustrated by a question from reader Steve in Texas:

Some time ago, I “Liked” the This is True Facebook page, but almost never see any posts. I figured you weren’t active until I went back to the page, and saw a ton of stuff I thought was great! How come I’m not seeing it regularly? I see most posts from my friends.

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  Xero Reader Thought

Even though there have been complaints about advertising before, because they either bashed right-wing or left-wing politicians (and, because of what advertisers want to say, readers call me a "communist propagandist" or a "right-wing pukebag," respectively).

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  Overlooked Heroes

I Was Hoping to Write a different Honorary Unsubscribe this week, but couldn’t because I couldn’t get information. Debbie Crawford, a 25-year veteran paramedic in Denver, died this weekend. The scuttlebutt is that her PTSD got so severe, she committed suicide — she could no longer handle the stress of the job. If that is indeed what happened, and I don’t know for sure because none of the media outlets in Denver has covered her death at all, that’s truly a tragedy.

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