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  Jay Jay is Cray Cray

Sometimes it's fun to poke at obliviots — especially when they're truly oblivious to their idiocy.

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  Why I've Removed Google's Ads

It’s a Matter of Control

This is True went online in the first half of 1994, so True has been in business longer than many big names in the Internet biz, including Google (1998). As a classic feature column, I received (and turned down) syndication offers from two different newspaper syndicates, including one of the biggest in the business, because I wanted full control of True’s publication rights — including its online presence. And as of today, I’ve turned off Google’s “Adsense” service on this site for the same reason: to assert my control.

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  "What Happened"?

In the Emergency Medical Services Biz,


What It's Like to be in a Police Motorcade

we don’t always find out the answer to the obvious question afterward: “What happened?” — how did it turn out? We just have to be content with doing our best in the situation at hand, turning the patient over to the hospital, and (usually silently) wishing them luck.

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  Hillary vs. Trump: The Votes are In!

I Really Hate to Keep sending traffic to Facebook, since they’re eating the Internet already, but man, have I been having fun there lately. Baiting the political partisans is like shooting fish in a barrel: easy and hella fun.

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  Gasping for Breath ...Still

The Two Lead Stories this week (the “asthma stories”) were by far the most-suggested stories by readers recently. I think every one of them just suggested one or the other, and they probably didn’t know about the other. The two stories, which happened about a week apart, and about 165 miles apart, are pretty amazing together. Let’s start with the two stories, in True’s 24 January 2016 issue:

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  "Ridiculous Reactions"

Nick in Arizona recently re-subscribed after an absence. He wrote: “I’m looking forward to getting TRUE in my mailbox again. It’s been a long, long time, and what reminded me was the Get Out of Hell Free cards. I came across a few in one of my storage boxes (I remember mailing in my request for several orders, including the nice plastic cards in addition to the card stock version, which I had been handing out like breezy many years ago). I’m a consultant now, and I live the travel life style. I’m always working with people who need the GOOHF, especially since it covers stupidity! Lol. I’m going to need several, soon. I’m looking forward to the true stories and witty commentary, and occasional RIDICULOUS reactions from the reader base! Thank you for still being there, doing what you do!”

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  A Short Personal Note

I'm a marked man.

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  Alert the Media.

There Was a Protest Unsubscribe after I ran the plug (below) for Get Out of Hell Free cards in Friday’s edition.

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  Man Bites Weiner (or Vice Versa)

Very Often, Readers Submit Stories that are most definitely, without a doubt, weird. But sometimes I still can’t use them because despite being weird (one definition: unusual), they’re ...well... not unusual.

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  How High is Too High?

Often, a photograph really completes a This is True story. This time, it's another little snippet of media. Let's start with the story, from True's 11 October 2015 issue:

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