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  Die Like a Dog

I know a story this week will raise eyebrows, so I’m posting it here so there’s a place to explore it a bit in the comments. Let’s start with the story, from the 9 October 2016 issue:

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  This is True on Patreon

Last Week, I Noted I Had a High-Risk (but “audacious”) goal for True — and came up with a way to take most of the risk away.

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  That Tagline is Insensitive

There was a little pushback from a story in the 11 September 2016 issue — or, really, about its tag. Here’s the story:

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  The Basic Laws of Human Stupidity

In recent reading, I’ve stumbled on a paper by Carlo M. Cipolla. An Italian, Cipolla taught economic history at the University of California at Berkeley, and proposed “The [Five] Basic Laws of Human Stupidity”:

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  Knowing Is Half the Battle

True contributor Mike Straw, who as you might remember is a fairly recently retired career U.S. Air Force officer, had more to say about one of the stories he wrote this week. We’ll start first with the story, from the 7 August 2016 issue:

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  What's Up with Jumbo Joke?

An old email humor list I ran called “Randy’s Random” got turned into a web site, Jumbo Joke, way back in 2004.

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  Orlando: What YOU Can Do

You — Yes, You — Can “Do Something” about Mass Killings. A good friend of mine posted this yesterday, after he heard about the 49 murders at a “gay night club” in Orlando, Florida, overnight. The gunman was killed in a shoot-out with police.

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  Medical Mystery

One of My Most Memorable Medical Mysteries as a medic was a call from a man for his 50ish-year-old wife. On arrival I asked, What’s going on? “She’s just not herself,” he said. Has she been ill? “She had been talking to her doctor who thought she either had a kidney stone, or a bladder infection. She has an office appointment tomorrow.” Other than that, he said, she had no medical problems, and took no medications. Not a lot to go on, but I went in to see the wife, who was in bed.

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  Jay Jay is Cray Cray

Sometimes it's fun to poke at obliviots — especially when they're truly oblivious to their idiocy.

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  Why I've Removed Google's Ads

It’s a Matter of Control

This is True went online in the first half of 1994, so True has been in business longer than many big names in the Internet biz, including Google (1998). As a classic feature column, I received (and turned down) syndication offers from two different newspaper syndicates, including one of the biggest in the business, because I wanted full control of True’s publication rights — including its online presence. And as of today, I’ve turned off Google’s “Adsense” service on this site for the same reason: to assert my control.

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