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From True's 28 April 2002 issue:

Sign of the Times

"We have never had complaints before," says Dutch Forestry Commission Director Jan Kuiper. About 100 signs at 25 campsites in the Netherlands were meant to depict the silhouette of a man carrying a stick to mark where people can camp out. But a joke leaflet "full of sexual innuendos about wild camping" has changed the public's perception of the sign. Thanks to the suggestive leaflet, people now don't see a stick, but rather think the cartoon man has a large erection. Kuiper has ordered the signs removed. "Some people don't have anything better to do," he says. "A dirty mind is a joy forever." (PA) ...Now who can argue with that?

And the design:

xxx marks the spot!
XXX Marks the Spot!

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Posted by bandit, albuquerque on April 25, 2010:

The position and angle would seem to indicate either it is a hand-held stick, or the artist does not understand anatomy.

Now the UPS-guy artist got it right, if still a case of wishful thinking.

Posted by David from Mississippi on February 22, 2012:

Hans had already pitched a tent before he erected one.

Posted by Bruce, SC on February 23, 2012:

What kind of a stick is it that he's supposed to be holding? It's not a walking stick; that would be longer. And I don't know what in the world the vertical object opposite the hiker could be, either.


Dutch phone booth? -rc

Posted by PirateKing - Scotland on March 2, 2012:


The vertical thing is an outhouse... for very, very SKINNY people that just stand up.

Posted by Maarten, Netherlands on April 27, 2012:

Sounds like I could have said that (and I have, on many occasions).

Posted by marjolein, netherlands on April 28, 2012:

The "phone booth" is a wooden pooled that designates the campsite for this kind of very basic campsites: a coldwater tap is the only facility as far as my memory goes, or it is less.

And yes: Holland is so small and crowded that I don't think many more can be established of these remote basic places, "far" away from inhabited land.

Posted by Mike from Dallas on April 28, 2012:

Sounds like the story about Phil Rizzuto's mother watching her first NY Yankees baseball game. Everyone at bat would swing and then run for 1st base. When Joe Dimaggio came up to bat, he just stood there for 4 pitches and then calmly walked to 1st base. Rizzuto's mother asked why everyone else ran so frantically while Dimaggio simply walked to base. She was told it was because he had four balls. So she stood up and yelled, "Walk-a PROUD, Joe!"


And I've got this great landmark bridge in Brooklyn to sell you! -rc

Posted by Kevin - Pittsburgh, PA on April 30, 2012:

I've had a lot of erections in my day, but never from my stomach. Maybe Dutch anatomy is different?

Posted by Chris, VIC Australia on April 30, 2012:

I thought the vertical thing looked like a ruler. Maybe you need to be "this long" to camp here?

Posted by bandit, Albuquerque on May 1, 2012:


Ahem ... as the joke goes, some of us would have to trim a few inches off....

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