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From This is True, issued 5 March 2000:

Zydeco No-No

The New Orleans, La., Police wants to remind revelers that an old Mardi Gras Carnival tradition -- throwing beads from balconies as a reward to women who bare their breasts -- is illegal on two counts. Tossing anything from a balcony is illegal, and has been since 1956, they say, and baring breasts is illegal under indecent exposure laws. The police decided to remind people of the laws after Playboy magazine "encouraged illegal behavior" by giving tips on how to get the best photos of flashing women. "There's no huge crackdown on Carnival fun," a police spokesman insisted, but "it would be irresponsible of us not to respond to [the article]. After all, we are the police department." (Reuters)...F-stop, flesh-stop, what's the difference?

So naturally, I have a photo to go with the story:

A New Orleans police officer demonstrates how he will gather evidence of any law-breaking behavior.
A New Orleans police officer demonstrates how he will gather evidence of any law-breaking behavior. "It would be irresponsible of us not to respond to it. After all, we are the police department."

What drives you crazy about government the most? "Do as we say, not as we do" is a recurring theme in True: bureaucrats love to throw rules at you, but then figure those rules are only for you. The New Orleans Police Dept. has issued all sorts of press releases about how they plan to crack down on people just having fun at Carnival. Clean up your own act first, NOPD, before bothering people who aren't really offending anyone at all. After all, we have cameras too!

The best reader letter about this page: "LOL! Loved the picture!! I was actually in New Orleans last week, for the last few days of Carnival & Mardi Gras. On Mardi Gras night, I was on the corner of Conti and Bourbon Street, quite drunk and "earning" lots of beads. At one point I walked over to a cop who was "stationed" near where I was standing, and talked to him for a moment. He told me he was "a little upset" with me. When I asked him why, he said because I'd been flashing. He then told me he thought it would only be fair if I flashed for him. I told him I would, but I didn't want to get arrested. He said he wouldn't arrest me, so I walked over to where he pointed (about 8 feet away from where he and his (very shy) partner were standing) and raised my sweater. He was very complimentary, and -- as promised -- didn't arrest me. It was a real kick. --Denise, a fan of This is True -- I won't point out that this is "TiT".)


From This is True, issued 18 March 2001:


The New Orleans, La., police department has announced they will not prosecute women who expose their breasts in exchange for cheap beads from admiring men during Mardi Gras this year. Last year, officers couldn't keep up with the Carnival flashers when commanders ordered a crackdown on breast baring. "Have a good time, but please don't overdo it," police superintendent Richard Pennington said, announcing the about-face. (AP) ...Actually, the bead throwers were hoping the girls would turn the other cheek too.

Good for you, Superintendent Pennington! Take a panty hat out of petty cash.

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Posted by Harry in Baton Rouge on January 24, 2010:

Actually, THIS IS THE TRUTH! The girl in the photo is a dear friend of mine from the BR area. Her name is (hope she doesn't kill me) Gail, and she tells the story of this moment with a sly grin and a great attitude. She says "Thanks to the NOPD for being such good sports with good taste." Take my word. It's Gail. I'd know those puppies anywhere.


Whoever it is, she has a great sense of humor and I greatly applaud her. -rc

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