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19 Mar None. Oops: I put the free edition into the Premium template. Still the free edition even though it says Premium. Sorry for the confusion.
12 Mar None. None.
5 Mar Extraneous word: " night in when...." None.
26 Feb Yep, this is issue #1185, not 1188. The link to the H.U. was broken; it's here, or you can use the short URL
Last (I hope!), Meridian is in Idaho.
No, the laundry money didn't decrease! Read the story more carefully: when did they notice the change?

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  • Honorary Unsubscribe errors are not listed here; its archive is kept up-to-date with any changes or corrections. If you find something not already corrected there, feel free to use the form below to report it.
Sorry this all sounds really grumpy, but all I'm really trying to do is avoid literally hundreds of reports saying the same thing. Thus: Thank You for your useful reports!

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