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bullet  Miami Vice? He Wishes

It takes all kinds.Who knows what this guy was doing trying to pull over women driving alone late at night. First, the story; then, the visuals! From True's 16 May 2004 issue:


Palm Beach County (Fla.) Sheriff Deputy Sherri Johnson was driving an unmarked patrol car in plain clothes when a man in an SUV tried to pull her over. She was also being followed by another deputy, who asked the SUV driver if he was a police officer. "Yes, I'm a cop. Pull over," he allegedly responded. They all did, but the driver was no cop: he had a vulgar "Inspector 69" badge -- and a real gun. John W. Lookebill, 52, was arrested on charges of impersonating a police officer. "My husband is a very good man. He helps a lot of people," offered Lookebill's wife, Sandra. "I do know that my husband didn't do that." (Stuart News) ...Why, because he never makes vulgar advances on her?

And the photos....


Don't Let Him Frisk You: John Lookebill and the toy badge police say he was carrying. (Photos: Martin County Sheriff's Dept.)

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Posted by Railroad Bill, N.Y. on July 29, 2013:

That is why it is best when being pulled over by an umarked car to go to an area that is well lit with lots of people better yet a police station. Never pull over on a back road for an unmarked car.

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