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Political dirty tricks are nothing new. What's new is being busted doing it on the Internet. Yeah, they took the photo down, but thanks to Google caches and such, idiocy can live forever. From True's 5 February 2006 issue:

Campy Campaign

Coleen Rowley, running for Congress from Minnesota, has apologized to her opponent, incumbent U.S. Rep. John Kline, for a photo of Kline on her web site. The photo used Kline's face pasted over a publicity shot of Nazi prison camp commandant Col. Wilhelm Klink from the 1960s TV show, Hogan's Heroes. Rowley's campaign manager blamed the deed on "a volunteer Web site person who didn't understand the implications of using the Colonel Klink image." (St. Paul Pioneer Press) ...So can we assume he's been "Disssssmissssed!"?

At Least He's Smiling
[U.S. Rep. John Kline's face posted on

The joke backfired on Rowley, making me really wonder which finger "Col. Kline" is holding up here....


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