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Odds are, you found out about This is True when a friend forwarded a copy to you with a suggestion that you subscribe. That is the main way we grew to a six-figure readership in over 200 countries. Like many small e-mail publications, our growth is down now that "the big guys" have discovered -- thanks to the very success of us "little guys" -- just how powerful e-mailed publications can be. They have huge ad budgets (provided by venture capital, not profits) to make them grow.

I'd like to ask you to return the favor of that friend who referred you to True: please tell your friends about us! You can forward a copy of one of the free issues with your recommendation, or just send them a note. And don't just tell them about True, but any other small e-publications you like.

Some of the independent lists I like (links open up in new windows):

  • Also by Randy Cassingham: Randy's Jumbo Joke site is filled with great jokes that are both categorized and searchable. New ones are published every week, and you can sign up for e-mail notifications to be alerted when a new item is posted.
  • Nerdy tipsheets? Yeah, we've got tips for you: For help with PC/Windows issues, there's none better than AskLeo!, whose weekly newsletter gives you quick summaries, and a link to get detailed information. On the Macintosh side, Adam Engst's TidBITS is a must-see. For MS Word and Excel, try WordTips and ExcelTips, both by Allen Wyatt.

  • Need family-friendly places to surf? Barbara Feldman's Surfing the Net with Kids reviews sites and offers pointers for giving your kids places to go that will have a positive influence.

  • World Wide Words, Michael Quinion's exploration of the English language (and, sometimes, its weirdness -- a must-read if you're a word nut).

  • Internet publishing veterans Jim & Audri Lanford offer several publications of interest. In particular, Internet ScamBusters helps you avoid online come-ons, and Your Inspirational Quote is what you'd expect.

  • For those of you into doing any sort of business online, my old friend Paul Myers has a thought-provoking and informative newsletter that's a must-read: TalkBiz News.


  • HeroicStories features short, inspiring, non-religious stories of cool people doing cool stuff. It's a nice contrast to the people you read about in True: dumb people doing dumb stuff! Created by (but no longer published by) Randy Cassingham.

Please be sure to support independent publications, and the best way you can do that is by spreading the word about us all: tell a friend! You don't really want all your information and entertainment coming from Microsoft, Ziff Davis and AOL-Time Warner, do you?

Want More? Check out the archive of Randy's Bonzer Web Sites of the Week. A regular feature in True, the Bonzer site is usually a small, independent effort.

Reader Favorites

In addition to Randy's picks above, his readers have suggested these other general interest, independent e-mail publications:

Snopes' weekly update on urban legends, Jewish World Review ("not limited to Judaism"), The Gear Junkie equipment tips and reviews, The Naked PC for general computer news. And more in the Comments area below.

(If you publish a large -- at least several thousand subscribers -- independent general-interest e-mail publication, contact Randy with the details, referring to this page. Thanks!)

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Posted by Yves, San Francisco on November 21, 2008:

You probably should add Bob Park's "What's New" to your list of "Other Independent E-Mail Publications." Bob is the author of "Voodoo Science" and "Superstition: Belief in the Age of Science." for HTML web version and subscription information.

Posted by George, Kansas on November 22, 2008:

I don't think Research Buzz is updated anymore. There have been no updates to the site since 07/2008 and the last newsletter in the archives is 07/2008. Too bad. I would have enjoyed subscribing to it.


Dang! I hadn't heard of its demise, but that sucks. I've removed it from my list. :-( -rc

Posted by John, Durham, NC, USA on November 22, 2008:

Please note Anu Garg's A Word a Day.

Posted by Annie - Iowa on November 22, 2008:

Yep, haven't heard from Research Buzz in a long time. And that's too bad, as it was a good source of tidbits that I harvested to pass along to a group of friends.

Luckily, the Scout Report is still going strong. A publication of UW's Internet Scout Project, there's never any telling what goodies they'll suggest - but it's always worth finding out!

Posted by April, Texas on November 23, 2008:

I enjoy the Recipe du Jour daily newsletter. It's not just recipes. There's also other amusing, informative content, with an emphasis on good writing, and (free) subscriber interaction is encouraged, just like This is True.

Posted by Marcy KY on November 29, 2008:

How about Jack Teems NeatNetTricks?

Steve Bass, who use to write for PC World, now has a new newsletter with all his expertise.

If you have Vista, Brian Livingston's Brian's Buzz - Win Secrets is good. They cover XP also, but not so much anymore.

These names have been around for a long, long time.

There is always They have a lot of newsletters there that suit just about any interest. David Emery's Urban Legends is a must!

Last, don't overlook HowStuffWorks. It's a wealth of information.

(Forgot one. Cnet has a LOT of newsletters on just about anything technical. I particularly like the one by Lee Koo. It's called Community Help and How to and has a lot of knowledgeable people responding to everyday questions from people who are just trying to use their computer the best they can. A list of all newsletters can be
found here.)

Posted by Helene, AOLland on September 19, 2010:

Subscribed to "This Is Ture" some time ago but have not received anything as yet.


Well, I can tell you why easily enough: it's called This is True, not "Ture" -- and you also didn't spell your own e-mail address right when you entered it in the form, which I know because my reply to you bounced. TRUE is about idiots doing dumb things, and it looks to me like you qualify to be a story subject, but not a reader. -rc

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