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This form works only for currently active Premium (paid) subscribers. It does not work for the Free distribution! (See this page to update free distribution addresses.) Changes take effect immediately. Do not use this form to inquire about a missing issue! Send a note to Randy directly with the subject "Missing Premium".

1. Enter your old e-mail address (Important! Use the exact address we have for you. See the bottom of any issue if you're unclear what address we have. It does not matter if the old address is already closed down; this form still works as long as your subscription is still valid.):

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If You Wish to Unsubscribe from Premium mailings, put your current address in both address slots and make it clear in the comments you don't wish to receive any more issues. Randy would appreciate knowing why you would like to unsubscribe. As noted on the Upgrade page, there are no refunds for Premium subscriptions if you unsubscribe.

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