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Some our favorites of the many megabytes of comments received.

  • "Ochen Cpesseba! This stuff's a riot!" --Barbara, California

  • "Love what you're doing with the news. Nice to know somebody else is as demented as I." --George, Professor of Journalism, Nebraska

  • "This is, at once, the funniest and scariest thing that I've ever seen. Thank you!" --Aaron, Massachusetts

  • "You provide much hilarity and a deep insight into the twisted. Please keep it up. Bravo!" --Margaret, New York

  • "Just a brief note to thank you for your interesting, light hearted view of the news." --Stanley, South Africa

  • "Most humor writers don't understand the concept of brevity. You do." --Dawn, Washington

  • "Your articles sometimes offer almost the only smiles in otherwise not-too-good weeks." --Dennis, Voice of America, Botswana

  • "You are doing a wonderful job. I am grateful for the care and wit you exhibit. Don't die in my lifetime." --Bond, New York

  • "If you get this message, you will have my thanks for a wonderful start to a morning. I plan on sharing these stories with my husband, who will probably have a stroke laughing himself to death. Happy Valentine's Day from a Canadian bureaucrat." --Pat, Canada

  • "This is True is a blast!! Thanks ever so much. This is one of the few things that my wife likes about computers. Maybe you saved my life. Thanks!" --Dick, Texas

  • "My husband and I are Peace Corps Volunteers in Namangan, Uzbekistan. We love reading you every week!" --Michele, Uzbekistan

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  • "I wanted to respond and tell you how much I enjoy your humor. As someone who's been hanging on the net since the ARPA daze, I'm truly delighted to see enterprising people finally using it for its best purpose: human to human contact. Keep up the good work!" --Dale, Massachusetts

  • "Our copies of Deputy Kills Man With Hammer just arrived. My wife, Andrea, was very chuffed at the autographed copy and so was I. The book is great and I had forgotten so many of the articles. I hope you sell out and are forced to reprint. It deserves a wide audience." --David, Australia

  • "You do some fine work on This is True. Are you by any chance a radio person? I am, and I've written for so many years that when I see someone putting some craftsmanship into his work, I hafta tell 'em so." --Brad, Texas

  • "This is Cool! I'd just like to give you a great big pat on the back. I love your newsletter and I am thinking about buying a copy of the book. I am only 13 years old, but I just can't get enough of these weird, funny, and true news articles. Keep up the good work!" --Edward, California

  • "When I started on the e-mail (2 years ago) I subscribed to everything I thought would be of interest. Now I only subscribe to one or two. This is True is unmissable and one of the few I keep reading. Keep up the good work." --Peter, England

  • "Headlines give limitless opportunity for all kind comments, but I, of course, prefer witty, sarcastic and humorous ones -- and you seem to have virtually endless supply of them." --Igor, Croatia

  • "Hey man, I don't know who you are or how I managed to get ahold of you in my life, but I just wanted to say thanks. Thanks for bringing that little bit of extra joy to a life of boredom." --Matthew, U.S. Navy, aboard the USS Carl Vinson

  • "Your material is great. Your comments are great. You 'walk the line' between all the liberals and conservatives (who take themselves much too seriously) very well. I appreciate your work." --Kingston, Washington

  • "I'd like to applaud your earnestness and steadfastness in aiming the light of satirical humor at all things, all ways, no matter what the topic or whom might be 'grieviously offended' or what hate mail results. Such fortitude and courage to continue is the mark of a true humorist. I hope the business is doing well for itself; humor is not something that happens on its own, it must be delivered, and you do a fine job of serving up the real stuff every week. It would be a sadder world if we couldn't laugh at ourselves and each other now and again, and I just wanted to say thank you for being out there for those of us who need to laugh." --Jeff, California

  • "Our life at the moment is definitely True but not so funny, and anything that can bring a smile is welcomed (my husband has been kidnapped by guerrillas for the past 9+ months). Looking forward to the next issue." --Susan, Colombia


  • "I would like to discontinue this subscription-I do though, have some comments I'd like to make first. I find your column quite boring as each story had originally appeared elsewhere. As well, most of the events reported were literary garbage to begin with so reiterating this type of nonsense is really ridiculous. Lastly, your comments are not that humorous but they are revealing of an uneducated man. Sorry Randy, but it's pretty obvious you aren't the brightest man. Perhaps you should get yourself a new writer with clever retorts and things would really take-off for you. If that's not an option, I say find a new career to invest your time towards." --Theresa, Canada

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Posted by Bill, New Brunsick, Canada on February 13, 2010:

My upgrade was long overdue...although I did send a subscription as a gift before. I've decided to keep my free subscription as well just so I can laugh at the world again on Saturday morning.

The stories are that good.

Posted by ken, palm bay, fl on January 29, 2011:

Well,after getting the free subscription fo about 10 years I figured it was time for me to stop being a cheapskate and go for the whole package. Maybe it was the story of our recently departed ones and getting on in life..maybe it was our honorary un-subscribe Jack Lalanne, who left us at 96 yrs old, i figured I could match him in about 20 yrs or so, you hang in there with me and i'll stay with you till the end and I can get on that list...

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