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By using a special reader, you can get regular information -- including news and newsletter subscriptions -- from multiple web sites, all in one place. No more running from site to site to see if there are updates you are interested in. This is True's free edition is now available by RSS feed.

Depending on who you talk to, RSS stands for "Rich Site Summary" or "Real Simple Syndication" or "RDF (Rich Data Format) Site Summary", which is why some people are starting to call it by a new term, "Webfeed".

RSS feeds are coded in "XML" (eXtensible Markup Language) and are thus not readable by ordinary web browsers or e-mail programs; you "subscribe" via a special reader called an aggregator or, more simply, "reader". Some aggregators are "plug-ins" for web browsers or e-mail programs like Outlook, and allow you to subscribe to the feeds that interest you without having to give any information to the publisher (such as your e-mail address). The method of how you subscribe depends on what reader you have, but it's as simple as clicking (or right-clicking) on the orange "XML" box you see on many sites ...which are declining since most people find the concept to techie to grasp.

Why are we offering such a feed? One word: spam. Slimy subhumans are making e-mail a hostile environment. Instead of getting the information and mail you want, spammers steal resources to send out tens of millions of junk mails per day to people who don't want it, all in hopes of convincing some idiot to send them money for fraudulent garbage. Some day, we'll tell you how we really feel about these slimeballs.

Of course, we'll be continuing our e-mail feed, so if this looks at all daunting to you at this point, you can subscribe by e-mail right on this page.

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