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  "I've Seen Weirder"

You've got to love a cop who looks at something bizarre and utters, "I've seen weirder." Especially when I can find a similar story that happened so soon after his case that I can feature them together! From True's 12 December 2004 issue:

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  Miami Vice? He Wishes

It takes all kinds.Who knows what this guy was doing trying to pull over women driving alone late at night. First, the story; then, the visuals! From True's 16 May 2004 issue:

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  Can I Get a Refill?

Readers thought I was unfair for calling the clerk a dummy (especially for giving up his own car!) Read the story, from the 21 September 2003 issue, and then look at the security camera photo. And you be the judge!

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  Be Very, Very Quiet

The story is amazing enough-- but adding the photo really drives it home. From the 29 July 2001 issue.

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  The Big Easy: Do As We Say, Not As We Do!

Includes NSFW Photo

From This is True, issued 5 March 2000:

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  Unclear on the Concept

One of my pet peeves is Public Relations Flacks. These are not to be confused with Public Relations Professionals -- PR people who do a good job getting the Word out about their clients. They hate the word "flack", but when they make their clients look bad -- well, they're inviting the derision. The following story ran in the 30 April 2000 issue:

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  True's Readers Respond to B.C. Catholic

I actually expected the B.C. Catholic story to generate some outraged response mail. It didn't: Just one (one!) reader said I hadn't represented the original editorial fairly. I explained that wasn't my point: I was trying to represent the newspaper story about the editorial fairly, and I believe I did. Then, I got the letter from the editor of B.C. Catholic.

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  A True Story Subject Responds

It isn't often that someone featured in a This is True story writes to complain or argue about a story about them. The few that have written with comments are indeed generally not at all upset, but rather quite amused by the whole thing. So much so that I wish I got more such notes.

In any case, I realize that not everyone will be happy with what comes out in one of my stories. Fair enough: I certainly wouldn't expect that. My column dated 15 November 1998 included this story:

Forgive and Forget:

The recent murder of New York gynecologist and obstetrician Dr. Barnett Slepian, who performed abortions, isn't all bad, according to Canada's B.C. Catholic, the official newspaper of the archbishop of Vancouver. The murder has been linked to several similar shootings in Canada. Editor Paul Schratz wondered in an editorial, "How can anyone help but be pleased that murders of abortionists just might have some positive side effects?" He added that the fear that zealots shooting them in the back may cause some doctors to go into other fields of medicine "goes to show that our all-powerful and all-loving God can bring good from any evil situation." (UPI) ...If we all went to church more often, perhaps we'd know about these loopholes and exceptions in the Ten Commandments.

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