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  Welcome to Western Ideals

Yet Another Story where people will want to see the photos involved. Here they are, from the 2 July 2006 issue:

Clever Girl

"My intentions were good," said Chen Dan, an on-air host of the Women's Channel for China's Changsha TV. "I hoped to draw people's attention to women's health," she said, "but because the format was inappropriate it caused a huge backlash." She was suspended from her job. The advertising she posed for was to support the Shangmei Gynecology Hospital in Changsha. The "format" was topless photos with the caption, "Clever Girls Love Themselves More". Thanks to strategically posed hair, Chen didn't actually reveal much, but the Xinhua news agency editorialized it was "a shame breasts have become the leading actor." (Reuters) ...Just like in the rest of the world.

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  The Argument Every Man Has Been Looking For

Sometimes I think of a funnier tagline after I publish an issue. Sometimes I think of a funnier tagline before I publish it, but I don't use it -- usually because it's just too nasty. This is one of those cases, so if you don't like crude, you've been warned. Otherwise, on with the story, from the 21 July 2002 column:

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