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  The Best of This is True

Common question from readers: “What’s your favorite story?” Well, I don’t have a single favorite story. I really like a lot of stories — great stories relating to the stupidest of stupid criminals, or particularly funny stories, or amusing stories that just come alive thanks to a great tagline.

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  Randy Cassingham's Books

A list of "all" of Randy Cassingham's books.

ISBNs refer to first edition of the printed version unless noted. E-book versions, with their own ISBNs, are available for most titles.

The year shown refers to date completed, not necessarily actual publication date.

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  Channeling NPR

When in my car, I listen to the only news station I can get in rural Colorado: the local transmitter for Colorado Public Radio. They do those "pledge drives" a lot to cajole listeners to pay for membership to fund their operations. The "typical" (average?) support, they say, is $120/year, but as I was listening to the last one, they were really, really pushing hard for "just a dollar a day" — $365 a year — though at times they were asking for $100/month — $1,200 a year. My wife and I do support the Colorado NPR operation, because we do listen to them. But no, we don't toss them $100/month, or even "a dollar a day"....

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  How You Can Help True Survive

Now and then I note in True that the very existence of this site and newsletter is dependent on the support of its readers, both financially and in other ways. This page tells you how you can help — and I really do need your help! Millions of sites compete for attention. A good percentage of them are garbage, sure, but that din still drowns out the good stuff.

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  Recommended Products and Services

Now and then in True, I'll recommend a web site or a product that I really like. They are not paid placements — I'm a consumer too, and I tend to research things so I get the "best" product for the money. Or maybe I'll run across a particularly useful web site that I like and talk about it. In any case, if I truly like a product, I'll often talk about it. (A listing of many past advertisers is on its own page if you're looking for those.)

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  Free Daily Content for Your Site

We're often asked by web site owners if they can put our stories on their site, but we've had to refuse such requests -- until now! We're very pleased to offer True-a-Day (TAD).

(Advanced Webmasters:True-a-Day is also available in a SSI-PHP version)

By adding a single line of code on any page on your site, you can automatically show your visitors a new story every day. What a great way to get return visitors! With the default settings (plus centering), it looks like this:

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  Advertising in This is True

We Have Revamped the Newsletter Ad Offer

Why Advertise in This is True? Unlike generic joke lists, True has unique weekly content. True is written fresh every week, so our subscribers know they will receive quality content that they have not seen before. True is eagerly awaited by our huge audience, and has a much higher “open rate” than generic joke lists or other entertainment e-mail publications. So much so that a substantial portion of our audience actually pays a fee to get more of the material.

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  Submitting Stories for True

Did you find a weird news article that would be perfect for This is True?

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  Interview with Brutarian

"I joined Randy Cassingham's THIS is TRUE mailing list more years ago than I can remember, and his stuff was of sufficient interest to me that when I took over layout for Brutarian and begin writing a column, an interview with Randy seemed a given. Brutarian was about pop and fringe culture, and nothing seemed to fit better. Randy's list has continued to grow in popularity, so if nothing else, visit and sign up. It's free!

"Below is the interview, including my lead-in to the Q&A section, which was the magazine's favored interview format.

"David M. Fitzpatrick"

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  Cassingham's Laws

After tagging a story with "Cassingham's Second Law", I got a pile of e-mail asking me to post what my first law was. So here you go.

The first is from the 16 July 2006 issue:

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  That's Not Funny!

Now and then a reader will write to say they're outraged by a story -- that it's "not humorous".

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  Should Readers be Exempt?

My conversational style brings lots of response from readers. Usually, that response is intelligent, thoughtful, and sometimes even very entertaining. Now and then, the response is stupid, ill-thought-out, and sometimes even very entertaining. While I obviously love the first kind, it's a lot more fun to deal with the second type.

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  Upcoming Appearances by Randy Cassingham

Due to the huge hassle to do air travel these days, and the large impact on Randy's schedule, he is turning down most requests for public appearances that involve travel.

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  Privacy, Security, & eCommerce Policies

"My policy is simply to treat my customers the way I wish to be treated."
--This is True Founder Randy Cassingham

First Things First: Your Privacy

We not only will not provide your e-mail address to any advertiser, we actually work rather hard to keep it secret. Your address will not be provided to anyone who is not an employee of This is True unless we have your permission or are required to do so by law.

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  This is True Syndication

Thanks much for your interest. True used to be self-syndicated (after turning down two contract offers from syndicates), and ran in print in four countries.

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  Media Reaction to This is True

Items are shown starting with the most recent. When a publication is listed more than once, it means there was more than one article. If you have seen an article not listed here, please let us know!

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  Linking Banners and Buttons

I'm constantly asked if it's OK to put a link in to the This is True site. But of course! However, you may not post any of True's content on your site! For your link, please feel free to download one of these banners or buttons, preferably linking it to

Thanks much for your link!

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  Steve Wozniak: a Satisfied True Reader

(Updated! See below.)

Date: 18 Aug 99 11:07:03 -0700
Subject: This is True testimonial
From: Steve Wozniak
To: Randy Cassingham

For as long as I can remember I've been attracted to unusual news items that are a bit weird and unbelievable. One of the biggest kicks for me is telling others these unbelievable stories and keep them guessing whether I'm making it up or not. So I don't collect stories from the front page. Everyone has seen those. I look for good stories on the inner pages of newspapers.

"This is True" was meant for someone with my interests. When I was first presented with a gift subscription to "This is True" I didn't expect much. I figured that it would be a rehash of news articles that I was already familiar with. But, lo and behold, I've rarely encountered the articles that I receive every few days from "This is True". They are culled from news sources around the world and are often the great, unusual, articles that didn't get picked up by the local newspapers.

I've almost never received "This is True" without laughing out loud at something within it. Each article has an brief appended comment that is dry enough to add a little humor. I think so highly of "This is True" that I even purchased many subscriptions for good friends. My friends generally like humorous stories also.

I'm in no way compensated by "This is True". I never give testimonials for products that I don't like or don't use.

Steve Wozniak,

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  Reprint Options and Prices

Updated 3 July 2016 to reflect new subscription pricing.

This is True has several options to get portions of our copyrighted content for free. Obviously, however, we can't give everything away for free and still survive, so we also have paid content available in a variety of flexible paid options:

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  Featured in Playboy Again?

If you made it to this page after reading about This is True in Playboy, you've at least proven that you do read the articles! This is True is the thinking person's humor publication, just as Playboy might be considered the thinking person's men's magazine. We humbly believe Playboy agrees, since This is True and/or Randy Cassingham have now been featured in their pages four five six times (no pictures, thankfully).

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  Our "Better-than-Risk-Free" Guarantee

If you buy a This is True book from us and you decide you don't think it's worth the price you paid -- for any reason -- we'll "pay you" to return it! That's right: We'll not only refund the price you paid (less shipping costs), we'll add 10 percent*! Take 30 days to decide. If you're truly not satisfied, send it to us postpaid and we'll refund your credit card or write you a check (depending on how you paid in the first place) for the price you paid plus 10 percent for your trouble. That's better than risk free!

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